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We live in Seahouses. We are incredibly fortunate that we love where we live. We live by a beautiful coastline close to amazing castles. The villages are generally lovely. But even somewhere as nice as this has problems.

Sometimes, these are problems about health. Sometimes, issues are about relationships. Sometimes we have difficulties with work - finding it, and coping with it once we have found it! And money is a continuing issue through our world.

Does Reiki sort all of these things? Of course not. So how might it help?

Science believes that we are all energy. And energy can be made unbalanced and distorted. And when that happens we feel unwell or stressed.

We believe that a Reiki treatment begins a process of using energy to balance energy. And at the end of a Reiki session, we feel relaxed. Often we feel restored. And sometimes, we feel transformed.

We want to tell you about Reiki, and invite you to share it with us. Read on to find out more.

UK Reiki Federation Conference 2019

Mick and Trisha were priviledged to attend the conference, just over the border in Scotland early in May. It was a wonderful event, and we were able to network with lots of people who live all around our four countries.

There were people talking of the exciting work that Reiki is doing with children, with those who are unwell, and with physical objects.

More than anything the conference served to remind us just how wonderful and powerful Reiki is. It has refreshed our belief that it is something very special, and can act to help and restore us in every aspect of the people that we are.

Why not contact us to find out more, about the conference, but more importantly, about how Reiki can help you to feel restored too.