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Reiki Peace Learning to use Reiki

Reiki is a universal energy which is available to all of us. However, before we can use it, we have to be attuned by somebody who is trained and developed to do this. The person who attunes and prepares you is themselves able to identify their ‘family tree’ in Reiki right back to its founder, Mitseo Usui. Mick is the Reiki Master Teacher who is able to offer this service.

In the west today we have three levels of training and development, which occur in sequence. Not surprisingly, these are called level one, two and three!

Level One: This focuses very much on self, allowing the new practitioner of Reiki to experience what it feels like and how it can effect them. It is also permissible to use Reiki on friends and family, and pets. For many people, this is where Reiki starts, and stops.

Level Two: For some people who wish to move on to use Reiki with and for others, further study and attunement brings them symbols and a significant addition to the way Reiki can be used. People who practice Reiki on others are normally trained to at least this level.

Level Three: For some people, who wish to live Reiki more fully in their lives, the opportunity to develop further is attractive. At level three additional symbols are given together with further attunements. In addition, there is help to teach others, and to give attunements to them.

Learning Reiki is straightforward. There IS some learning to be done, but essentially it is a ‘doing’ skill rather than a ‘learning skill’. Reiki works through us whether we get it totally right or not, as long as we have been attuned and opened to it. That means that Reiki is available to you, whether you enjoy learning or not, whether you are confident or not, whether you like to study or not. It is there for you.