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Reiki Peace

Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, spent many years working with the poor and desperate, hoping to transform their lives. In time, he came to realise that Reiki alone is not enough.

First, the person receiving Reiki has to understand that it is not something that just happens - it has to be wanted and to be valued.

Second, it needs to be built into the life of the person receiving it.

From these two thoughts, two others emerge. First, that Reiki comes at a price. We need to pay, sometimes with money, sometimes with our time or our skills, but Reiki needs to be charged for. Secondly, we need to live our lives by a series of principles.

The principles given to us by our Reiki master, are in the other side of this page. They are to be said out loud in the morning and evening, and importantly, are to be lived by.

Just for today… (said before each of the following statements)

I shall not anger

I shall not worry

I shall be humble and grateful

I shall do my work with appreciation

I shall be kind and gentle.