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What is Reiki?

Throughout history, people have had a sense that some people were able to heal. In Japan right at the end of the nineteenth century, Mikao Usuii was one of those people. He discovered, or perhaps rediscovered, a particular source of healing which he, and those of us who understand Reiki today, continue to use.

What Reiki is not is massage. We usually do use touch, to communicate Reiki to you. But not touch with pressure. And certainly not touch in any intimate place.

When we use Reiki you don’t need to remove ANY clothing, though most people take off their shoes and loosen tight belts.

When receiving Reiki, our clients often lie on a treatment bed, and simply relax. You have nothing to do but relax!

For clients who find it difficult or who simply don’t want to lie, Reiki can be delivered sitting, or indeed in any position that you want.

You relax. You receive the special energy which Usui has allowed those of us linked to it to channel. You lie or sit and allow  us to move around your body, touching if you are comfortable with that, simply close to you if not.

It sounds simple. Fundamentally it is. Simple. Beautiful. But it is so much more than that too. It can transform your life. It can heal in ways which are profound.

Reiki is peace. Reiki is wonderful.

Mikao Usui, founder of Reiki treatment bed for use with Reiki