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A Reiki Treatment

When you arrive you are shown into the treatment room, have your coat hung up, and sit down. We have a brief chat about what Reiki is, and you have the opportunity to read a booklet from the UK Reiki Federation explaining what it is all about and ask any questions.

Then it is our turn. We undertake a very brief confidential discussion about what brings you for Reiki, and your medical history, including medications. All of this discussion, along with everything else we talk about, is confidential to us, following the UK law and ethical requirements of the UK Reiki Federation.

We then invite you to move to the treatment bed (if you are happy to lie down) or sit in the chair, and relax. A little background music may be playing simply to help that process.

Once we are both comfortable, we begin.

While you relax, I place my hands on or near to you (depending on your preferences - though never on the more intimate places) - and begin the process of transferring Reiki.

While that is happening, you may be aware of temperature changes around my hands, you may be aware of colours or shapes in your eyes. I discourage chit-chat, but if you need to talk or if you want to stop, you simply say and it happens. You may also experience nothing at all - but Reiki is transferred whatever it feels like.

At the end of the session, you sit up, have a drink of water, spend a few moments sharing, and head off for your day.

Hands may feel warm or cold as Reiki passes. Reiki delivered to the head of a client

Reiki is transferred energetically, but many people prefer to feel the practitioner touching gently as it happens

As Reiki is given, it is common to experience some sensation. Often this is heat or cold, it may be a tingling. Or it may be nothing at all.

For the first timer having Reiki, it can seem a bit mysterious and disconcerting to turn up for your ‘treatment’. In reality, it is nothing of the sort!