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Reiki Training

It is the experience of many people that receiving Reiki makes such a difference to their lives, that they want to be able to use it themselves. Fortunately that is relatively simple to achieve. Most of it is practical. All you need to do is to visit a Reiki Master Teacher, someone with advanced Reiki qualifications, who is able to help that to happen.

Mick is a Reiki Master Teacher.

There are a variety of levels of qualification in Reiki.

Level one allows treatment of yourself and others close to you.

Level two, is the practitioner level, allowing treating others professionally.

And level three, the most advanced level, ultimately allowing Reiki to be passed to others.

Each of these levels happens in sequence - level one always happens before level two. If you would like to know more about Reiki training, or if you would like to discuss or book a training course, just contact Mick to find out more about when and where this wonderful process takes place.